Amalie L. Hamilton photo essay

In the Motorcycle World Motorcycle Championships, Saturday and Sunday, places will be filled by 12 riders. From the traditional oval races, to a race across all discipline for the Best of the Circuit, the Grand Prix of the World, the spectacle of motorsport will be a sight to see.

Take another glance at the photo of his brother, Lewis Hamilton’s, climb to pole position for the North American Grand Prix Saturday. “The way he runs and changes direction, some people might think he’s not aggressive enough, but he’s the ultimate counter move when he gets that position. I think it’s good that he’s really aggressive.”

“He also likes a challenge, like skiing, when the snow was really heavy, it was slow and to see him on skis on his sofa covered in slush and wet snow – I’m not an expert on skiing – but he likes it!”

“I think Lewis is a fantastic driver. I think that today I think he was on his best form since 2014. We’ve seen the most consistent year of his career. As my father said before, I think the mistake at the Nurburgring, I think that’s where it all went wrong. He started trying to do too much to make up for that mistake and he lost respect of people. Since the Nurburgring, and just to come back for this race, the mindset has been just go back to his character, and how he can drive his car to get as much performance from it as possible. I think he can have more, and I know he has more potential to do more, “

The first World Championship race for the 24-year-old, Nicolas Hamilton, who took to the podium to take second in the F1 race Saturday, isn’t about doing well for himself, but for the Hamilton family and its history of motorsport success.

“I feel like being from that family – we have had several wins in Moto2, and it’s a great honor to have a victory here. I do it for the family and just for the road racing family,”

“My dad used to be a rider, he was Formula Three. My brother started off in Formula Three, he went to Moto2. My sister rode, I’ve done it myself and done two years of Moto3, and I think just to be able to be part of the family and I think one day, when I become a pro rider and win the World Championship, I’ll take this picture up and put it in my house.”

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