Emirati custom: the evolution of desert living – images

Days are getting closer and closer for enthusiasts who love the UAE desert. The UAE is about to see its first official summer event when, finally, this year, the dry season ends on 22 June.

On this occasion, we take a look at some of the history, people and what made the U.A.E. desert so interesting to me and others that I’ve met here in this high-end luxury enclave.

The setting is sublime and there is nothing like a beautiful landscape when taking your first look through the keyhole on arriving in Dubai.

1. Most of the green surrounds a part of the dunes surrounding the U.A.E., marking the entrance to its newly established Aluminium Company (al-Trawler) refinery zone.

2. What I first came across when arriving in the U.A.E. — the stark greenery. In fact, some might say the U.A.E. is still one of the world’s first major crude oil producers.

3. This is the part of the U.A.E. that I became particularly keen on: the opulent dry desert, with small coral islands in some areas. The area is split into green areas, which allow flocks of birds to perch, and dry patches, which are pretty harsh and can be a little dangerous to walk in.

4. One of the best places to experience the desert culture is in the now famous Dragon Mart in Khalifa City Abu Dhabi. It offers exceptional desert destinations, whether it be camel riding, beach and wildlife, or sports, including Indoor Safari. It’s open daily from 12pm to 11pm.

5. Dragon Mart is also home to a good number of hotels, restaurants and retail outlets.

6. It’s also a chance to visit Dubailand. This huge mixed-use project is now home to some amazing offices and tourist attractions. It will be supported by two new parks. Etihad Academy and The Dubai Camel Polo Center will be home to some incredible new facilities.

7. It’s also the home of the 4’ x 4’ Adidas Factory store, and the entrance to some of the largest shopping malls in the region, including Westfield Mirdif City Centre and City Walk.

8. Westfields Mirdif and City Walk are situated very close to Dubai and were the first to offer dedicated luxury shopping in the Emirate. The malls will also house some of the most luxurious shopping in the region and an array of restaurants and gyms.

9. Westfield City Walk offers 2;3 star hotels from around the world, and 36;000 square metres of indoor shopping in three towers, in addition to 161,000 square metres of outdoor shopping in two towers.

10. Nearby is the Dubai Mall, where you can expect to find a fabulous range of luxury shopping in addition to many restaurants and the Mall Walk Community, located on the mall’s sixth floor, offers entertainment options including an aquarium.

11. Everything you need when it comes to the UAE is just an easy jog through the nearby Al-Faisaliah district. High Street Musaga is ideal for finding the latest fashion, cinema offers a little culture in the desert and city walk with your shopping is just around the corner.

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