Former Maryland coach Judge and injured players defend new coach, say injury isn’t career-threatening

Former Maryland men’s basketball coach Joe B. Judge on Tuesday night defended new Terps coach Chris McChesney and blasted a report saying the injury to first-year coach Daniel Jones “could be a career-threatening injury.”

“The incident that took place, the original incident, is being grossly misreported,” Judge said during an appearance on “Nightside Sports” with Don Schwartz on 97.7 FM The Fan in Baltimore. “There were some bumps and bruises. It’s not a career-threatening injury. … Coach McChesney is doing the best he can to win this program. And I think he has a right to do that. And I want to tell everybody here that it’s completely inaccurate to characterize the initial injury as career-threatening.”

Judge, who was injured badly in a car accident in April, apologized to Jones but said he shouldn’t have resigned instead of hiring an orthopedic surgeon to treat the injury, which was caused by the guard’s high ankle sprain.

“The attitude was ‘We’re out of here. We can’t turn our program around,’” Judge said of McChesney’s first three seasons. “You’re going to have to change a culture. Some of the coaches lost their minds.”

B.J. Anderson, a Maryland junior forward and one of the best shooting big men in the ACC, called out rumors on social media that he was going to transfer.

“These are horrible rumors and false,” Anderson tweeted. “I am committed to Maryland and am working hard and training hard to get better every day.”

Tuesday night, Anderson, who has become one of the Terps’ top scorers after sitting out last season, also tweeted “I’ve experienced ‘football and basketball seasons’ with many other programs. Here is what I do know and there is nothing that I’ve been given at Maryland that’s unjustified.”

It’s important to note that the word ‘believe’ has different connotations. — bjanderson15 (@bjs_15) November 7, 2018

And yes, I get that there is “money in college basketball” talk here. My apologies if this has caused you any anxiety, and apologies to Coach McChesney if this has caused you undue anxiety. He is on my team. I have faith in him to grow the program. — bjanderson15 (@bjs_15) November 7, 2018

It’s an unfortunate situation for all involved. All I can say is that I’ve experienced “football and basketball seasons” with many other programs. Here is what I do know and there is nothing that I’ve been given at Maryland that’s unjustified. I would say be patient and if you believe that is something that needs to be known, be patient as well. I believe it’s something that can improve. I believe that’s something that we can get done. — bjanderson15 (@bjs_15) November 7, 2018

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