How one Virginia airport protects itself in the fight against terrorism

PETERSBURG, Va. — Behold the hardworking ten-man team members at Central Virginia Regional Airport who are tasked with keeping planes safe.

Each man operates an operational pistol range at the airport and are in charge of forming and firing the cannons that fire a controlled detonation in the direction of a target to knock a target off course.

For those just about to throw in the towel, let’s take a closer look at these crew members who work two jobs with some serious responsibility:

About Virginia Air National Guard

Virginia is home to the world’s premier military, civil and border-defense force, the Virginia Air National Guard.

In South Hampton Roads and all across the Commonwealth, the Virginia Air National Guard carries out homeland defense, maritime security, missile defense, search and rescue and more.

Each year, the Virginia Air National Guard deploys more than 5,200 members to serve in nearly every military operation the United States has participated in throughout its history, including one of the largest annual deployments in the recent past, the Operation Inherent Resolve.

“They do so much for us as Virginians and across this region,” Gov. Ralph Northam said. “Virginia Air National Guard pilots regularly take to the skies to defend our homeland and are critical members of the United States’ air fleet and critical to the people and the families of Virginia.”

There are more than 2,000 members of the Virginia Air National Guard.

Members earn average salaries in the six figures — as well as substantial travel benefits and health insurance benefits.

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