Pfizer’s vaccine may help prevent some endometriosis

Women who got pfizer’s pneumococcal vaccine after pregnancy reported fewer complications over three years from a high-risk condition called “functional receptive endometriosis.” Pfizer has been working on vaccines against infectious diseases, but the one it has underway is designed to protect against illnesses associated with a variety of different strains of the bacteria that cause human infection. This study was a collaboration with U.S. Women’s Bioscience, a division of U.S. Bioscience, and the University of Rochester Medical Center, part of the NY Engage Wellness Institute. The research is published in the BMJ.

According to the study, in the first three years after vaccination, women with functional receptive endometriosis — a condition in which the lining of the uterus is allowing out estrogen, which can trigger symptoms — were 7.5 percent less likely to develop complications of the condition. Physical problems like pain may be prevented by endometriosis, but the more common type, bleeding after menopause, does not get treated with surgery or medication.

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