Report: ‘Australia’s media landscape is becoming increasingly dominated by News Corp’

Written by By Chelsea White, CNN

A new report today argues that “Australia’s media landscape is rapidly becoming increasingly dominated by the single biggest media company.”

The latest report from the National Press Club states that “for some time, there has been a creeping sense that … the media landscape is heavily concentrated to favor a single large media group.”

Earlier this year, Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox finally agreed to purchase the 59% of satellite broadcaster Sky it doesn’t already own. News Corp owns The Australian and Times newspapers.

The report calls on Australian lawmakers to adopt proposals it says will “halve the monopoly power of News Corp” over Australia’s news media.

The report argues that this Murdoch-driven media consolidation would “result in a far less diverse, less independently-minded news media, and may ultimately restrict consumer choice.”

The report also cites a study from the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and the Institute for Public Accuracy that calculates Murdoch-controlled assets account for 50% of paid news in Australia.

This media dominance, according to the study, has an impact on Australians’ access to local journalism and political coverage, and has a negative impact on the national and even local economies.

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