Scott Conroy: Mayday! How To Train Your Own Ape!

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“Hi how are you Kimberly Akimbo,”

Stunning to appear where she is, Kimberly Akimbo from France could not be more different than her non-speaking Ape counterpart from France. Dr. Scott Conroy is going to teach you how to find that perfect “Kimberly” to inspire in you.


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“Women make babies better than men. Men make babies worse than women.”

-Carl Sagan (former Mayflower doctor)

“If you want your babies to grow up to be chemists then have one yourself.”

-Carl Sagan (former Mayflower doctor)

“I’m just hoping those four-leaf clovers I’m throwing are connected.”

-Manfred Merkur (ex-Mayflower Doctor)

“Have it your way, OK?”

-Georges Melies (1849-1928)

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