The director and the writer of the film that just dropped should make you extra suspicious

Story highlights Man on Fire is a thriller starring Denzel Washington, Taylor Kitsch and The Wire’s Dominic West

The director and writer of the film are the Oscar-winning pair who worked on Training Day

Now that the trailer for Denzel Washington’s latest film has been released, Man on Fire has us taking a closer look at it.

The movie, which follows a father’s search for his son, is directed by Antoine Fuqua, who helmed Training Day, the Academy Award-winning film which Washington starred in and directed. Fuqua also was the director for Denzel’s latest film, The Equalizer 2, which opened in theaters nationwide last month.

Fuqua and Washington have worked together many times over the years. The two have won an Oscar for their writing work, and they also have two Best Picture Oscars between them (both of which were in 2002 for Training Day and The Last King of Scotland). But should we have been expecting Man on Fire to be in that same vein?

Turns out we should have. Though Washington had only a limited role in the Training Day sequel, the two-time Best Actor Oscar winner returned to his role as the hot-headed, unconventional and salty drug dealer Robert McCall. Washington’s been engaging with his role with his serious training of Hardbody, which is a 54-pound Tae Bo-style fitness regime you can join for 30 days to rid yourself of what your doctor calls “unhealthy patterns of life.”

When Fuqua initially approached Washington about returning to the Training Day franchise for his second film in the series, the actor felt a little redundant. “I thought ‘I already did that,’ and Antoine said, ‘No, you didn’t. You just played a part in that,’ because he kept the character [of McCall] the same, he doesn’t change,” Washington told Vulture. “That’s what it’s about for me — transforming yourself and expanding into other roles. And that’s what the character in Training Day was.”

Washington is not afraid to act his age. When Fuqua first took to the Training Day sequel, the film star said he was concerned with getting “old” to the role of McCall. But Washington has since realized he isn’t as old as he once thought he was. “I said, ‘Why don’t you just show me? Why don’t you let me put on some pants? And if you think I’m tired, I’m not old.'”

However, in Man on Fire, it seems much of that applies to Taylor Kitsch’s character, Charles, a police officer who’s tasked with tracking down Washington’s character and ultimately, saving his son. During the movie’s shooting, Washington was reportedly nervous about the role, according to The Los Angeles Times.

To say we’re excited about Washington’s latest movie would be an understatement.

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